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02 / 05 / 2017

A speech at the Cervical Spine Congress, Salzburg, Austria

“… extremely positive feedback — it was a perfect decision to invite you.”

Thomas, though still moving on crutches, was able to give his first motivational speech (after his accident) at a medical congress in Salzburg. The speech had originally been booked one year ago. Now, ironically, the auditorium consisted of a gathering of surgeons specializing in the spine, (Thomas broke 9 discs in his spine when he first fell in 1988,) and particularly in the cervical region of the backbone. Thomas had broken several spinous processes when falling on March 1 …

Feedback of the organizing committee was enthusiastic. Writes Dr. Michael Mayer, congress president: “You brought exactly the fresh wind we had expected to an event focused on a special theme. Your thoughts were both admonition and inspiration. I can only tell you that we had extremely positive feedback from our colleagues and from our partners from the industry.”