» And what did you do for your mind? «

A seemingly simple question, posed by his grandfather, after a typically exhausting training session. One, that the then 15 year-old Thomas would spend a lifetime answering.

It triggered more than just an insatiable consumption of literature. It was a realization that personal harmony required a state in which opposing forces and influences were balanced. Body, as one, with mind. Even as a very young climber and athlete, in 1976, Thomas began to reflect on this, and to seek out the universal conditions for integrated and fulfilling long-term performance development.

Now, Thomas provides bespoke and insightful seminars around the world, and has written seven books about his performance philosophy. He answers questions based on his experience as an active extreme climber, a successful author, and as a brand ambassador for high-performance companies such as Porsche.

More than most humans alive, Thomas has put his theories to the test — a living exemplar of his own peak performance model.

For those prepared to listen to — and read about — his thinking, Thomas’ philosophy can open up new worlds of possibilities.

And will turn lectures, into adventures.


© Thomas Bubendorfer 2019

After a very warm January, an incredible ice column formed at the Greenlake Icefalls, Salzburg province. Thomas managed to climb it on a scouting day, alas, when filming the next morning temperatures had risen too high and he had to abort after a few meters… 

Incredible ice column at the Greenlake Icefalls

Project Denali east face first ascent: Climate change set the limits.

Keynote Speech for Biomet-Zimmer


Throughout the past decades Thomas has been a proud brand ambassador for worldwide wellknown brands like:

 Sony     Bentley       Leica     Porsche     Siemens