The ability to regenerate: the precondition to performance.

The problem: one-sided performance means a lack of balance

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The business world is full of smart people trying to fly too high, for too long with a growing lack of balance in their lives which ultimately prevents them from fulfilling their individual potential. While workload, complexity, stress and responsibility are constantly increasing, business people’s permanent one-sided, mental high performance isn’t counterbalanced by regular and intelligent regenerative measures. Inevitably, this leads to decreasing mental and physical performance capabilities, higher “inner revs” — and ultimately, sickness and burn-out.

The economic cost of less effectiveness and increasing work/stress-related sick-leave runs into many billions …

The solution: intelligent enforcement of the regenerative systems

Thomas, now past 50, is very, very healthy and still performing on extremely high levels (see NEWS, VIDEOS and PHOTOS 2015/2016). He is living proof that an holistic approach to performance can work on a fulfilling long-term trajectory. He says: “where there is a peak, there must be a valley. Where there is performance — mental or physical — there has to be rest and regeneration”.

Together with his team of experts, Thomas has devised the Intelligent Peak Performer® method provides clear, practical solutions for achieving — and maintaining — pinnacle mental performance in corporate business environments. The method is based on scientific research to help candidates plan a successful, balanced and ultimately more rewarding life.

To burn bright, without burning out.

PEAK cannot be achieved without VALLEY.

Performance and rest (meaning regeneration from performance,) are both sides of the same coin. One completes the other.

Corporate health checks alone are simply not enough. The first problem being that, even at executive levels, these tests are not considered a must, nor taken regularly nor frequently enough. Secondly, and crucially, they tend to involve mainly the biological aspects of people. However, as Thomas’ team (and the world of modern neurobiology, for that matter) show — in today's over-stressed and over-worked business environment, the focus must be on the autonomous nervous system. Therein lies the source of regeneration and, therefore, the platform for performance.

The Intelligent Peak Performer® method shows participants how to achieve a constant — and intelligent — balancing of inner resources. The result is higher effectiveness, higher performance, increased quality of life and better health.

What Thomas and his team explain is how the human being works as a whole.

Why working too much — and not sleeping and moving intelligently enough — will impair the fulfilment of your potential. Above all, they give clear and simple indications, based upon scientific measurements, of exactly what to do, how to do it, how much of it to do and in which circumstances to do it. They also highlight clear “watch-outs” (What do I do if I’m really tired? How do I combat jet lag? What should I do when I’m resting at the weekend?).

Scientific basis. Human Benefit.

The Intelligent Peak Performer® method is based on the very latest research in medicine, neurobiology, genetic research and sleep research. The key insight is that they are aggregated to consider an individual (i.e. yourself, or your employee) as a whole.

During their seminars, Thomas and his expert team provide a series of simple, comprehensive tests, which yield unarguable data regarding the capability of an individual to perform AND, more importantly, their capability to recover from performance:

  • State of regeneration and performance systems; individual stress assessment and the relationship between these three parameters
  • Body cell function and performance
  • Physical fitness in the aerobic zone up to a lactate threshold of 2 mmol
  • Abdominal measurement for health risk assessment: so far over 100 substances that are harmful to the body have been discovered in visceral fat
  • Strength of back and spine mobility
  • Additionally, personal lifestyle relating to sleep and recreation, stress and strain, health risks, physical exercise and nutrition, which are relevant to mental performance, are analyzed.

Bespoke processes. Individual implementation.

Just as Thomas Bubendorfer is a man in a million, so the Intelligent Peak Performer® team realises that every single employee is the same. Which is why specific needs of individual staff are addressed, within a particular company. The team, with Thomas as the role model, works to identify the biggest needs. They strive to uncover which levers will be most effective.

Only when properly tested, and when provided with clear, unmistakable data about the individual status quo, can people be advised on how to perform constructively. Thomas and his team also provide crucial continuous support between checks.

“Too often, I observe people who have no time to invest in their health,” notes Thomas, ironically, “yet who suddenly find days, or even weeks, of time on their hands — when they fall ill. Not to mention the excess time they must spend — and inferior quality produced — for the same task, if they are in a state of being unable to regenerate.”

© Thomas Bubendorfer 2019

High performance assistance and support.

The Intelligent Peak Performer® method has been carefully, and rigorously, developed over a period of more than 17 years. The lifetime experience and knowledge of Thomas Bubendorfer has been complemented and finessed by his friend and partner Ueli Schweizer, the leading Swiss performance diagnostician, together with the expertise and cooperation of Italian sports physician, Dr. Frederic Peroni.

The method: Only simple things work.

As Thomas is only too aware, on the mountain, simple ideas invariably work best (and the same is true in the “silicon valleys” of business). The Small Steps to great success® system, therefore, provides participants of the Intelligent Peak Performer® method with a variety of carefully considered, but simple suggestions on how to use their resources more intelligently in everyday life (at the office, commuting, on a journey, etc). The aim here is to make the transition from (often chronic) excessive work-related stress to a calmer, more effective, inner balance in the workplace — and in their free time.

Participants of the Intelligent Peak Performer® method learn how to increase their capacity to improve their immune and autonomic systems through intelligent, regenerative physical exercise, and how to strengthen their back muscles and abdominals (to prevent ergonomic-related back and knee problems). Also, Thomas and his team work to increase their creativity and powers of concentration specifically, effectively and, above all, measurably.

Last but not least, the program is completed by an informed discussion of modern nutritional issues.