In line with his “repetition is not performance” ethos, Thomas Bubendorfer prepares and tailors each keynote speech individually to the audience and the specific circumstances of the client. Thomas holds preliminary talks to discover the needs of the presentation: What is the current situation in the company? What is the objective of your conference? What is it about? What challenges are staff facing? What is expected of the staff after the conference?

Thomas presents the resulting bespoke keynote usually in his second mother tongue, English or, of course, in German. He can also present in Italian or French.

The language may change, but the message remains equally meaningful.

Suggested Topics

  1. In a time of constant change in the modern business world:
    • Don’t just keep up, keep making progress …
    • How to stay creative, courageous and ready for the new …
    • How to ‘bring others with you’ through change …
  2. Less is more:
    • Stop doing the wrong things — reduce to the essential. What do I really need?
    • Quality not quantity — how to cast off ballast to become faster and more flexible
  3. Intelligent Peak Performer®:
    • Enhance your ability to regenerate as a basis of fulfilling your achievement potential — how to tap into full potential on a long-term basis
    • Good health and fitness — in the face of stress — by integrating mind, body and spirit
  4. Leadership:
    • From lone ranger to team player
    • Leadership begins with you — how to lead yourself
  5. Motivation:
    • Meaning and values, as a basis of true motivation
    • How to succeed in finding new meaning in all situations, and motivating yourself
  6. Security and risk:
    • Beware: the easiest mountains are often the most dangerous!
    • Managing a crisis — coping with setbacks and limits, constructively.